Visage Receives SIGecom Test of Time Award

January 24, 2017
Jeff Senn
Chief Technologist, Head of R&D
Peter Lucas
Founding Principal

Our published work in information visualizations was recognized by SIGecom for its forward-thinking content and innovative research at this year’s IEEE VIS 2016 conference. “Visage: A User Interface Environment for Exploring Information” was written in 1996 by a team from MAYA Design, Carnegie Mellon University, and Army Research Lab, featuring research on a user interface environment used for exploring and analyzing information.

The Test of Time Award recognizes influential papers published within the past 10-25 years, and are chosen based on their impact on modern research and technology. As a recipient of this award, this paper proves our research, on what would later spinout into Viz, is still relevant 20 years later.

Read the award-winning whitepaper here.