Nate Smith

Business Development Lead

Nate works closely with all of the practitioners to align MAYA’s teams to be a practical visionary, if that’s not too much of a paradox. He loves to find the overlay between design thinking and tangible business value. Nate gravitates to really smart branding and creative work centered around strategy and tactics to connect people and technology experiences. Over the past 18 years, Nate has led business development, marketing and brand management for organizations including international non-profits, communications firms and technology start-ups.


Business, Marketing/Management, Grove City College

Places I’ve worked

Thoughtform Design
World Vision USA
Wall-to-Wall Studios

Places I’ve Lived

Athens, OH
Pittsburgh, PA
Ligonier, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
Baltimore, MD
Pittsburgh, PA
Did I mention Pittsburgh?

My Superpower

Super X-Ray Taste Buds- He can reverse engineer food and drinks from fine dining experiences. Take him out to dinner at a really great restaurant and put him to the test.

Outside of MAYA

Nate loves spending time with his wife and children, cooking, playing sports, and playing music. Nate also serves on the Board of the MIT Enterprise Forum, is active in his church and coaches youth soccer.

Favorite Places to Visit

I’m a history geek, I love to explore history in it’s context of place, people, and food.

Earliest Memory of Using Something High-Tech

I saved my paper route money and bought a Commodore VIC 20 from a friend and learned basic code.

First Thing I Built

On a small scale it had to be something made from Lego or I was also an early adopter of the tiny house movement. At age 10 I built what I thought was going to be my new house in the woods, until the neighbor who owned the land thought otherwise.


Throws and bats-righty.